Question: Can I Use My EIN Instead Of SSN?

You can use an EIN instead of an SSN on W-9.

You are required to file a W-9 form with any company that pays your more than $600 per annum.

The company files the IRS form 1099-MISC and sends you a copy.

You are also allowed to file Form 1099-MISC with your SSN or an EIN.

Can you use EIN instead of Social Security number?

A federal employer identification number, or EIN, is a nine-digit number the IRS assigns to businesses for tax filing and reporting purposes. However, most sole proprietors don’t need to obtain an EIN and can use their Social Security numbers instead. Even so, you may want to obtain an EIN anyway.

Can I use my EIN to apply for credit?

Once you have one, then you can use EIN to apply for a credit card. You can also apply for a small business loan to begin to build the credit associated with your EIN. Before applying for a line of credit, loan or bank account, you need an EIN. You can start by filling out an application for an EIN number here.

What can I get with my EIN number?

Even if you’re not required to get an EIN, the benefits of getting an EIN include the following:

  • File Business Taxes and Avoid Tax Penalties.
  • Prevent Identity Theft.
  • Add Credibility as a Freelancer or Independent Contractor.
  • Speed up Business Loan Applications.
  • Open a Business Bank Account.
  • Build Trust With Vendors.

19 Sep 2019

Can I use my EIN to rent an apartment?

If you run a business that is not a sole proprietorship, you should have an Employer Identification Number or EIN. You can use it to build business credit, open a bank account, file taxes and more. In some cases, you may wish to use your EIN to fill out a lease application.