Can Minors Use Prepaid Credit Cards?

And merchants accept it just like any other Visa debit card.

But Visa Buxx cardholders don’t have a credit line; teens are allowed access only to the prepaid amount of money that’s on the card.

And just as with a debit card, the money is automatically deducted from the account.

Can a minor have a prepaid credit card?

So they need to be careful. Meanwhile, some prepaid cards may allow individuals who are under 18 to apply with certain provisions. Applicants who are between 13 and 16 years of age will need parental consent to apply. They’re not credit cards — they can be prepaid debit cards, or cards tied to a checking account.

Can you get a prepaid credit card under 18?

Individuals cannot purchase a prepaid credit card until they reach the age of 18.

How old do you have to be to use a prepaid Visa card?

18 years old

What is the best prepaid card for a teenager?

The 7 Best Debit Cards for Teens in 2019

  • Best Overall: FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card.
  • Best for Earning Interest on Savings: Mango Prepaid Mastercard.
  • Best for Cash Reloads: American Express Serve FREE Reloads.
  • Best for Big Spenders: American Express Serve Cash Back.
  • Best for Multiple Teens: Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard.

Can a 14 year old get a prepaid card?

Just the thought of giving a 14-year-old a debit card can give a parent nightmares. Specifically, it’s “a reloadable prepaid card that gives your teen the freedom to purchase items online, in stores, and wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.

Can a 16 year old get a prepaid debit card?

Teens can’t overdraw a prepaid card. They can only spend what they’ve loaded on the card. Credit cards are an option for older teens–some options are available for 16-18 year-olds. Of course, those cards require parents to open the accounts.