Question: Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Oyo Rooms Bangalore?

Yes, Oyo rooms are quiet safe.

Just that there are Oyo rooms that do not allow unmarried couples as a policy and there are others that do.

On the website you can search specifically for rooms that allow couples and pick those.

Similarly relationship mode is available on app to search for such hotels.

Are Oyo rooms safe for unmarried couples in Bangalore?

Yes. OYO provides safe and secure hotels to unmarried couples. Most OYO hotels allow unmarried couples and accept local IDs; they have well-trained staff who ensure safety and privacy.

Can unmarried couples stay in resorts?

Not a single law mentions anywhere that an unmarried couple cannot stay together in a hotel. Though it is not illegal for unmarried couples to stay together, it is at the discretion of the hotels, to allow or not to allow unmarried couples to stay in their hotel.

Why do Oyo rooms allow unmarried couples?

On OYO Rooms Relationship Mode, you get to see only those listed hotels that are welcome to unmarried couples. These hotels allow unmarried couples even with local IDs to check in without any hassles. However, some partners chose to restrict their check-ins.

Is Oyo rooms available for hours?

There are 3 slots you can book from, the day slot whichis 10am-7pm, night slot which is 9pm to 10 am and the full day booking. You can check in and check out any time in your booked time slot. All the hotels that are associated with us are couple friendly and safe.

Can an unmarried couple stay in a hotel in Bangalore?

There is no law in our country that restricts two consenting adults from booking a hotel room and spending quality time with each other. Married or unmarried, FabHotels welcomes all at its many couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore that are completely safe and secure.

Are Oyo rooms safe?

Yes. OYO provides safe and secure hotels to unmarried couples. Most OYO hotels allow unmarried couples and accept local IDs; they have well-trained staff who ensure safety and privacy.

Can I stay with my girlfriend in railway retiring room?

end note: A man and a woman, who are unmarried, staying together in a hotel room are also not considered a part of our custom. Till you are caught by police or RPF (since it is railway retiring room inside railway premises), you can stay in IRCTC retiring room with your girl friend.

Is Gokarna safe for unmarried couples?

Are hotels in Gokarna safe for unmarried couples? Gokarna is a costal place in Karnataka and one of the famous pilgrim location for South Indians. Untill unless you are doing drugs or gambling it’s a safe place to the best of my knowledge. For unmarried couples a good lodges are available I guess.

Why do hotels not allow locals?

To avoid being caught up together at public places, some couples desire to book a hotel stay together and enjoy some time in the company of each other just because they believe that safety and esteem is something they need not worry about in a closed hotel room. Most hotels do not accept local ids.

Are Oyo rooms safe from police raid?

No, Oyo is not at all safe for couples. You can end up with hidden camera and cops raid with Oyo Room. Luvstay Helps Unmarried couples to book hotel room. Though there is no such fear of raids in OYO rooms,but there are several OYO rooms that don’t allow unmarried couples in their property.

Is any police raid in Oyo rooms?

Police raid in Oyo Rooms is possible but that doesn’t mean you are at any fault. Or, you will charge under a crime just because you have booked a room as an unmarried couple. The prime reason the police raid a hotel is to look out for illegal activities if going on in hotel.

Does Oyo rooms have hidden camera?

Hidden cameras in hotel rooms have long been a concern of the mildly-paranoid traveler. Any camera on the premises has to be disclosed, even if it’s outside or not working, and it can’t be installed in private spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms.

Can Oyo rooms be decorated?

Booking a romantic stay in a decorated room adds sparkle to your occasion. Add a tinge of happiness to the OYO room of your choice and elevate your celebration. You can now get OYO rooms decorated without any nuisance and that too according to your theme!

How do I get a refund from Oyo rooms?

You can also call us on +91-9313931393 to cancel your booking. The applicable refund amount will be credited to you within 7-14 working days. OYO reserves the right to debit from OYO Money account, in case of cancellation amount being higher than money already paid by customer.

Can Oyo rooms be booked offline?

You can certainly choose to offline method by going through the official app of OYO and select the filter “Pay At Hotel”. By doing so you will be able to see the list of hotels which will collect the booking amount at the time of check-in. Hope this helps.