Question: Can You Buy A Lyft For Someone Else?

Requesting for friends

You’re welcome to request rides for someone else.

Enter your friend’s address in the app or move the pin to their location, then tap ‘Request Lyft.

‘ Call or text your driver to give them a heads up that they’ll be picking up your friend and not you.

Can I schedule LYFT in advance for someone else?

1) Scheduling: Yes, you can schedule Lyft rides in advance. You can do this directly in your Lyft app, by selecting on the clock icon to the right of your set destination. This opens up the screen to specify a future time for pickup.

Can I share my LYFT account with family?

This service, known as Family Rides, creates a better way for family members taking care of aging parents to order, track and pay for rides for their loved ones with simplicity and peace of mind. “At Lyft, we’re making it easier for all family members to benefit from ridesharing and stay connected.

Can you use LYFT for grocery shopping?

Announcing Lyft’s Grocery Access Program. The Grocery Access Program will provide local families with $2.50 Lyft Shared rides to all three grocery stores in Wards 7 and 8 and The Market at Martha’s Table.

Can I ride LYFT without car seat?

Yes, you can ride with a car seat in an Uber and Lyft (and if for any reason, your driver doesn’t want you to, call for another driver). Both ride service companies offer car seats in some cities, but the models they use might not work for every kid. Here’s what you should know before you get in the car.