Can You Buy Gas With Walmart Giftcard?

Walmart gift cards and egift cards can be used at Walmart stores, on, at Walmart and Sam’s Club gas stations, in Sam’s Club Stores, at and on If the gift card user is not a Sam’s Club member, a 10 percent surcharge will be added to all purchases.

Can you buy gas with a gift card?

Depending on the monetary value of your gas gift card, you can use your card multiple times for purchasing gas. Many gas gift cards are also reloadable and can be used many times as long as money is still “loaded” on the card.

Does Murphy gas stations accept Walmart gift cards?

Not all Walmart stores have Murphy Gas, but Murphy Gas is found nowhere other than at a Walmart location. Can Walmart gift cards be used at Walmart gas stations?

Can you use Walmart gift card anywhere?

You can use Walmart and Sam’s plastic Gift Cards and eGift cards at any retail or only format of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, including Sam’s Clubs. Walmart Gift Card Balance is an Estimate.

Can I use Walmart gift card for gas at Sam Club?

Sam’s Club gas stations accept Wal-Mart Credit.Walmart and Sam’s Club gift cards can be used at Walmart or Sam’s Club gas stations. Sam’s Club Credit Direct Accounts can be used online as a payment option.

Do Visa gift cards work at gas stations?

When a Visa gift card is swiped at a gas station pump, the dollar amount of the transaction is unknown. So gas station pumps typically pre-authorize $75 or more on the card swiped. To avoid having this hold placed on your gift card, pay inside.

Can I use a Walmart gift card to buy another gift card?

Can you use a Walmart gift card to buy a Visa gift card? You cannot use a gift card to purchase another card of any kind. Also if you do want to purchase any kind of card it has to be paid for with cash or your debit card. You cannot receive cash back on a gift card but you can on app Visa.

Can you use a Walmart gift card at Walmart gas station?

What gas station can I use my Walmart gift card at. Yes. Sometimes, the Murphy gas stations at the Walmarts will give a 3 – 10 cent discount per gallon if you use a Gift card.

Where can I use my Walmart credit card for gas?

The Walmart Rewards Card can only be used for Walmart purchases (, in the Walmart App(s), in stores, and at Walmart and Murphy USA Gas Stations).

How can I get cash from a Walmart gift card?

Need Cash Fast?

  • Check the balance of your gift card.
  • Take the gift card to a Gift Card Exchange kiosk.
  • Enter the gift card information into the system.
  • Review the cash back offer and decide if you want to accept it.
  • Upon acceptance, print the voucher.
  • Take the voucher to a cashier and get paid.

Can I use my Walmart Visa gift card at other stores?

The Walmart Visa Gift Card – Give them the gift that let’s them choose what they want anywhere that Visa Debit is accepted in the U.S. Features and Benefits: Use it everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the U.S. Use it to shop online, by phone or mail, after registering the Gift Card at

Can I use my Walmart gift card at any store?

Walmart gift cards can be redeemed at: (if you are not a Sam’s Club member, you may shop at a Sam’s Club store, but a 10% service fee will apply) Walmart Stores and Neighborhood Markets (use plastic card, if egift card print out/show email on your mobile device to the cashier)

Where can I use my Walmart Visa Gift Card?

Sign up for a card today at Visa Acceptance: Use your Walmart Visa Gift Card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the fifty (50) states of the United States and the District of Columbia, excluding Puerto Rico and the other United States territories.