Can You Combine Cards In Trello?

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Since Trello does not have a specific “Merge” feature, I’d go for the following custom procedure: create a new card with links to the original cards (e.g.

as a checklist); link to the new card in the description of all of the original cards.

Can I merge cards in trello?

Possible Features:

Select two or more cards to merge. Select which items from each card to keep or reject. Select destination of merged card.

How do I merge boards in trello?

Then you can select ‘combine boards’ to combine the boards into one view. If you do this it will group all cards by boards and by lists. To view them as if they were on the same board. You can move cards between lists like you can do on a single board.

Can Trello boards be linked?

Linking to boards

To obtain a link for your Trello board, open the board’s menu, then click “More”, and copy the link to your board.

How do I move multiple cards in trello?

Moving cards. The most straightforward way to move a card is to simply click and drag the card up and down in the same list or between lists. To move a card to a different board, click the context menu in the top right of the card and choose “Move.” You can move a card to another board from the card’s menu.

How do I combine Tim Cards?

You can transfer funds from one card to another. You can also merge the balance of your Classic Tim Card onto another Tim Cards. Simply choose the Transfer tab or the Merge Balance tab.

How do I group cards in trello?

Here’s how to make that family:

  • From the card back of the parent card, click “Attach Children” at the top of the card.
  • Select “Create and attach new children.”
  • Type in the name of each card you want to create.
  • Select the list where you would like the new cards added.
  • Click the “Done” button.

Can you stack lists in trello?

Currently, Trello does not support changing the list layout—however, we’re aware of a Chrome extension that allows you to stack or grid lists.

Is trello easy to use?

It’s a simple, visual way to see what needs to get done. Trello is unique because its layout is the most flexible, open ended way for you to organize any task. Trello provides endless possibilities for ways to help make you a better you. Below are a few examples of basic Trello boards, designed for beginners.

Can you have two trello accounts?

Merging and splitting multiple Trello accounts. We don’t have a way to merge two different Trello accounts. However, we do have a workaround: Log into the account you do not wish to use anymore.

How do I move a list from one board to another in trello?

Open the board’s menu, then click “More” and choose “Copy Board.” When a board is copied, we’ll copy cards and their descriptions. We don’t copy comments or card activity, however. If you want a “full copy” of the board, the best bet is to copy each list individually, and move it to your new board.

Can you create templates in trello?

1 answer. You can create template cards in Trello by simply making the card and stashing it somewhere for easy duplication. Then you can copy that card, and choose to copy over checklists and attachments.

Does trello have an API?

Trello API documentation. Trello provides a simple RESTful web API where each type of resource (e.g. a card, a board, or a member) has a URI that you can interact with.

How much money is on my Tim Hortons card?

The convenient and easy way to pay!

To check the balance of your TimCard® please call 1‑866‑TIM‑CARD (846‑2273).

How do I reload my TIMS card?

The TimCard® is reloadable by simply presenting your card at a participating Tim Hortons restaurant and asking a Team Member to reload it with whatever dollar amount you choose. If the card is registered, you can also reload online or with your mobile device using a credit card.

How do I check my Tim Card balance?

To check the balance of your Tim Hortons eGift visit, or call 1‑866‑TIM‑CARD (1-866-846‑2273). You can also ask to have the balance checked in–store at participating Tim Hortons locations.