Quick Answer: Can You Go Negative On A Green Dot Card?

Can you overdraw a green dot card?

However, most users have nothing to worry about.

The biggest prepaid debit card players say they’ve never charged overdraft fees and have no plans to start.

Chase and Amex, which offer the Liquid and Bluebird products; and Green Dot, told NBC News they are not adding any overdraft protection to their cards.

What does a negative balance mean on a green dot card?

Your card is subject to monthly charge as long as it is open, and the charge can double when the balance falls below $0. If your card has a negative balance, Green Dot can cancel your account without notice.

Can prepaid cards go negative?

In most cases, even reloadable prepaid Visa cards cannot be overdrawn (unless fees create a negative balance), but you should always check the terms and conditions of your card to know for sure. Though prepaid cards are useful for many reasons, excessive fees could outweigh the benefits.

Does Green Dot charge fees?

General fees and features

The card costs $1.95. There’s a $7.95 service fee that Green Dot waives if you load at least $1,000 each month.