Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card To Buy A Disney Gift Card?

You can use your discounted Walmart gift cards to purchase these discounted Disney gift cards, doubling up on your savings.

Can you use a Target gift card to buy a Disney gift card?

In mid-June 2018, Target changed their gift card policy. You can no longer use Target gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards (or any gift card) in store or online. You can also get discounted Target gift cards through gift card brokers like Cardpool.

Where can you use a Disney gift card?

The Disney Gift Card can be used for purchases at participating locations such as:

  • Walt Disney World® Resort.
  • Disneyland® Resort.
  • Disney store locations in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Disney Cruise Line.
  • Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa.
  • Disney’s Beach Resorts.
  • Adventures by Disney®

Can I use a gift card to buy a gift card?

Although not all stores will let you buy a gift card with a gift card, I have done it multiple times. Since there is no federal or state law governing whether or not a gift card can be used to purchase another gift card, each store is allowed to set its own policy.

Can you exchange a gift card for cash at Walmart?

Walmart is offering a promotion targeting the unwanted gift card crowd this year, allowing consumer to trade in their cards to more than 200 retailers for one to the big box store instead. Under Walmart’s exchange program customers can only receive up to 97% of the original card’s face value.

Can you use a gift card to buy a gift card?

Since there is no federal or state law dictating whether or not you can buy a gift card with a gift card, companies get to decide if they will allow consumers to use gift cards in their stores to buy other gift cards–that includes buying the same brand card or a third-party card.

How can I get a free Disney gift card?

7 Savvy Ways To Earn Free Cash & Gift Cards For Your Walt Disney World Vacation

  1. Swagbucks. Take surveys, watch videos and more to earn “swagbucks”.
  2. iBotta. iBotta is a free smartphone app.
  3. Checkout51. Checkout51 is also a free smartphone app.
  4. Microsoft Rewards.
  5. Mypoints.
  6. Disney Movie Rewards.
  7. Kellogg’s Family Rewards.

How do you use a Disney gift card?

Use your Disney Gift Card to apply payment toward your shipboard account during your cruise for Spa Treatments, Shore Excursions, Photographs at Shutters and onboard Merchandise. Also use your Disney Gift Card toward your Disney Cruise Line reservation by calling 1-866-784-1628 or online at

How much is the $500 Disney gift card at Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is the best option for discounted Disney gift cards. They sell $500 Disney gift cards online for $474.98 with a $0.99 shipping fee. You must be a Sam’s Club member to purchase these gift cards. The cost to join is $45 and you can include it .

Do you get 5 off Disney gift cards at Target?

The Target REDcard gets you an automatic 5% discount on any purchase at Target, including gift cards. Among other things, Target sells Disney gift cards both online and in-store, making for a simple way to save 5% on your Walt Disney World vacation.

Can you buy a gift card with a gift card Lowes?

Gift Cards cannot be used to buy other Gift Cards. To check your Lowe’s Gift Card balance, visit, call 1-800-560-7172 or see the Customer Service Desk in any Lowe’s store.

Can you use an Amazon gift card to buy a gift card?

You Can Now Use Amazon Gift Cards To Buy Gift Cards For Other Stores! You still can’t officially buy Amazon gift cards with Amazon gift cards if you want to transfer a balance to another account, but there is a workaround that I wrote about in this post.

Can you buy a gift card with a gift card at GameStop?

This gift card is purchased on and can be used to purchase GameStop merchandise in stores or online at

How do I turn a gift card into cash?

Here’s the fastest way to get cash for gift cards:

  • Check the balance of your gift card.
  • Take the gift card to a Gift Card Exchange kiosk.
  • Enter the gift card information into the system.
  • Review the cash back offer and decide if you want to accept it.
  • Upon acceptance, print the voucher.

Do all Coinstars take gift cards?

Coinstar’s new “Coinstar Exchange” kiosks will give you cash for them. The offer is typically 60-85% of the balance remaining on your gift card. If you accept the offer, Coinstar will try to verify your identity using your driver’s license and credit card.

Can you trade gift cards for cash?

Sell your gift cards for cash (or, another gift card) at a gift card exchange location near you. It’s super-convenient because exchange locations are available at your local check-cashing, grocery, and department store. They’ll make you an offer right on the spot and, if you accept, you’ll get paid—instantly!