Question: Do Prepaid Phone Cards Expire?

The funds that you add do expire after thirty days on the smaller denomination refill cards and the feature cards, while $25 and higher refill cards have more extended expiration dates.

But an unused refill card will not expire just because you’ve purchased it.

How long does a prepaid phone card last?

60-90 days

Do prepaid phones expire?

Prepaid Phones With Minutes That Don’t Expire. Being out of touch is not an option today. With portable tablet computers and smart cellphones, everyone is in constant communication. Another option available to consumers is carriers with prepaid plans of anytime minutes that do not expire.

Do Verizon prepaid phone cards expire?

$75-$99.99 expires in 180 days – $100 or more expires in ONE YEAR! If you need to add more money before the expiration day you can add more money but your expiration date will remain the same. You must add more money up to 11:59pm on the day the card is going to expire or a day before.