Quick Answer: Does Banfield Accept Care Credit?

Does Banfield take care credit?

Banfield puts a price on how much you must pay to provide that treatment if you use the ONE and ONLY credit plan that they recommend.

To use the credit the retail or medical establishment must accept the card just like visa or american express.

Does PetSmart accept Care Credit?

PetSmart does not accept CareCredit for retail purchases or grooming services, corporate customer service representatives for both PetSmart and CareCredit said. However, PetSmart locations with Banfield Pet Hospitals do accept CareCredit in the clinic; Banfield is a certified CareCredit provider.

Can I use my CareCredit for my dog?

Unlike traditional pet financing or veterinary payment plans, the CareCredit credit card gives you the flexibility to use your card again and again for your pet’s procedures. Here are just some of the many small and large animal veterinary procedures you can use your CareCredit healthcare credit card for.

What can you buy at Walmart with care credit?

Walmart now accepts CareCredit for services and products including:

  • Cold and allergy medicine.
  • Dental care products.
  • Essential baby products including diapers and formula.
  • First aid products.
  • Optical services at Walmart Vision Centers.
  • Pet medication.
  • Vitamins.