Question: Does Kroger Take Printed Coupons?

Print and carry the official Kroger coupon policy as rarely will the store have them at the checkout.

Kroger will accept Printable Coupons, manufacturer coupons, only pharmacy competitor coupons, and checkout coupons (Catalinas).

Kroger’s store managers have the right to make the final call on any coupons used.

Does Kroger take coupons?

At Kroger stores you can stack one manufacturer coupon (digital, paper, or printable) with an in-ad store coupon at the register. Coupons in your local Kroger store’s ad may be store or manufacturer coupons. If they’re manufacturer coupons, “manufacturer coupon” will be printed on it.

How do I print Kroger coupons?



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How does digital coupons work at Kroger?

They’re loaded directly to your Plus Card and redeem automatically at the register when you purchase the qualifying item. What is required to load and redeem Digital Coupons? To download Digital Coupons, you just need to create an account on or through our Mobile App and register your Shopper’s Card.

How many times can you use a Kroger digital coupon?

As you may already know, MOST Kroger Digital coupons are limit 1 per Kroger Plus Card. However, once in awhile they will have a Limit 5 Digital Event where you can use each one 5 times for a SINGLE transaction/purchase. IMPORTANT: You can use these coupons up to 5 times in a SINGLE transaction.

Can you use expired coupons at Kroger?

6. Kroger. Like many other stores, Kroger’s coupon policy states that they won’t accept expired coupons.

Can you use digital coupons and paper coupons at Kroger?

Digital offers cannot be combined with paper manufacturer’s coupons on the purchase of a single item. Maximum coupons that can be redeemed on one card is limited to 150. Coupons over the allotted 150 will not redeem.

How do I get Kroger coupons in the mail?

To get these coupons you need to have a Kroger card. If you have a card and are not getting your Kroger coupons, you need to call the Kroger customer service number and “update” your mailing address. When we had a chance to talk to “the guy” who is in charge of these, that is what he said to do. (1-888-553-3003).

How do you do extreme couponing?

Here’s how to adopt the life of a an extreme couponer:

  • Step 1: Start collecting coupons. There are many places to find coupons.
  • Step 2: Buy a binder and get organized.
  • Step 3: Research store policies.
  • Step 4: Learn how coupons work.
  • Step 5: Look for the deals.
  • Step 6: Start saving money.

What is a printable coupon?

Coupons Per Computer. If you are printing a “Bricks” printable coupon (it will say “Bricks” in the URL of the coupon when you go to print it) After your first coupon prints, simply close that specific window and click the same link you originally did and another unique coupon will print.

Can I use digital coupons and paper coupons?

Most digital coupons are manufacturer coupons that can’t be stacked with other manufacturer coupons on the purchase of one item (for example, you can’t use both the coupons in the image above because they’re the same Tide manufacturer coupon—just in different forms).

Does Walmart have digital coupons?

As of September 24th, 2019, we have 41 free grocery coupons available, plus Walmart coupon codes, rollbacks and values of the day. A new way to stretch your dollar even further: download our receipt scanning app, upload a photo of your receipt and earn cash back on select purchases at Walmart.

How do I sign up for Kroger digital coupons?

Sign Up. Sign On. Save More!

  1. Create an account online.
  2. Visit the digital coupon page and download your coupons to your Plus Card.
  3. Start saving! Digital coupons are automatically applied at checkout.

Can I use Kroger digital coupons with manufacturer’s coupons?

Kroger Coupon Acceptance

Kroger accepts digital (e-coupons) from the site and from a few other sites like Cellfire. These coupons are manufacturer coupons and do not double or triple. They also can not be combined with paper manufacturer coupons and are one time use.

Did Kroger get rid of free Friday?

Yes, Kroger still has the Free Friday, however, they do not have them every Friday any longer. We do not have a Kroger Free Friday Download on 9/27/19. There is no freebie listed in the Kroger Weekly Ad preview!

Does Kroger have double coupon days?

While in the past Kroger has allowed double coupons, their current policy only accepts at their face value. That means they do not offer double coupons (or double the amount of individual coupons). The amount shown in the coupon is the specific amount you can save of the product at this retailer.