How Can I Block My SIM Card Online?

How do I block my MTN SIM card?

What steps do I follow if my device or SIM is lost or stolen?Call 135 on MTN PayAsYouGo or 135 on MTN Contract to suspend your cellphone.Ask our customer service agent for the ITC number while you’re on the line.More items….

Can I block my phone without IMEI number?

Answer: In short, it’s possible to lock your mobile phone without IMEI number. For this you have to make sure or explain more about the kind of contract you have with Vodafone. … You can, however, request Vodafone to bar or block the SIM card so that incoming and outgoing calls cannot be made through the handset.

What happens when IMEI is blocked?

If a phone is blacklisted, it means that the device was reported lost or stolen. The blacklist is a database of all the IMEI or ESN numbers that have been reported. If you have a device with a blacklisted number, your carrier may block services. In the worst-case scenario, the local authorities could seize your phone.

How can I block my SIM card?

1 – Contact your telecoms providers: they can block your SIM card and thereby prevent any fraudulent use. You will be asked for your telephone number, proof of ID and your client code. 2 – File a police report as soon as possible, including a description of your handset, and the serial and/or IMEI code.

How can I block my sim online?

To block your Idea SIM card online, you need to check out the below-mentioned steps.Visit and head on to the chat icon at the bottom right corner.Check on the icon to carry out a live chat with the customer care and key in details such as your phone number, email address, name, and query type.More items…•

How do I block my Vodacom SIM?

Blacklist your device To blacklist a lost or stolen phone: Call Vodacom’s Customer Care on 082 135, free from a Vodacom cellphone. (Normal rates apply if calling from another cellphone or landline.) Request the customer care agent to provide you with the ITC reference number (where required).