Quick Answer: How Do I Get Money Off My Greendot Card?

How do you receive money from Green Dot?

Recipients can deposit money to a Green Dot Bank bank account or debit card or a PayPal account.

Send or receive money with your card

  • Log in and navigate to Pay Bills and People, then select Pay People, and go to Send Money.
  • Enter the recipient’s name, email address or mobile phone number, memo, and the amount to send.

Can I get money off my green dot card at Walmart?

With Walmart. Turn your check into cash while you run errands. The Walmart check cashing service will load your payroll or government check directly to your Green Dot card—so you can shop and make purchases immediately.

Can you withdraw money from a Greendot card?

Purchases and withdrawals

There is a $2.50 ATM fee, in addition to any fee the ATM owner might charge. Older Green Dot prepaid cards had access to free MoneyPass ATMs. To get cash, your only fee-free option is to ask a cashier for cash back with a debit purchase. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted among merchants.

How do I transfer money from Greendot to PayPal?

Add Cash to Your PayPal Account

Add $20 – $500 to your PayPal account at a retailer near you. A service fee of up to $3.95 will apply. Download the PayPal app, generate a barcode and scan at the register. Available on the Apple App store or get it on Google Play and log in to your PayPal account.