Quick Answer: How Do I Reload My Canada Post Prepaid Visa?

Reload your card at any time

Instant access to funds: Visit a participating Canada Post location and use cash or debit to add money to your card.

Access in 1-3 business days: Use the bill payment option from your bank account to reload your card.

How do I reload my Canada Post Visa?

Add money to your card

You can reload your card at any time until the card expires. To add money, use cash or debit at your closest post office. You can also make an online bank transfer to “Canada Post Visa Card.” When you add money at the post office, it is instantly available.

How do you put money on a prepaid Visa card?

You may be able to:

  • Arrange for a paycheck or other regular payment to be directly deposited onto the card.
  • Transfer money from a checking account or another prepaid card.
  • Buy a “reload pack” to add a certain amount to your card.
  • Add funds at certain retail locations or at the financial institution that provides the card.

Can I reload a Visa prepaid card online?

A reloadable Visa Prepaid card is the quick, easy and secure way to pay online or in person. The all-purpose Visa Prepaid card is a prepaid card that you can use to withdraw cash, pay bills or make purchases anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted, in-person or online.

Does Canada Post sell prepaid credit cards?

The Canada Post Visa Prepaid Card is a prepaid card that you can use anywhere in the world wherever Visa cards are electronically accepted – even online. There’s no need for a credit check, a bank account isn’t required and best of all, it’s reloadable which means you can add money to your card as often as you’d like.