Question: How Do I Reset My Green Dot Pin?

To change the PIN on your Green Dot prepaid card, you need to call the number on the back of the card.

They will ask you some security questions about you and if you pass these questions, they will ask you to punch into your telephone your new security code twice.

How do I change my green dot PIN number?

If you forget your PIN or would like to change it, you can do so online by clicking here or by calling Customer Support at 866-795-7597.

How do I reset my PIN on my Greendot card?

  • Tap the Account icon (it’s in the bottom right corner).
  • Tap on Card Management.
  • Tap Reset PIN.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it.
  • Then enter your new PIN.
  • That’s it! Your PIN has been reset.

What do I do if I forgot my pin number for my debit card?

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How do I speak to a green dot representative?

If you need to contact a live person in Green Dot customer service you need to dial +1-(866) 795-7597. In a first menu press 5. After that, the automated phone system will ask you to enter your card number or SSN number. Once you enter it you will be connected to a live customer service representative.

Can you change your PIN number online?

It’s possible to change your PIN using your bank’s mobile app or online banking website. This feature is often located in the customer service or self-serve area. Typically, you’ll need to log in to your account and specify that you want to make a change, then follow the prompts to do so.

How do I change my Chase PIN number?

To change your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can call 1-800-297-4970 and follow the instructions provided by the automated system.

How do I change my pin number on my phone?

Go to Settings > Security > SIM card lock > Change PIN code. Enter your old PIN code first and then enter a new code of your choice. If your mobile phone has a different menu, please consult the manual of your device or the manufacturer’s website.

Can you change your PIN number Wells Fargo?

How can I change my existing PIN? If you know your current card PIN, you can quickly change it at any Wells Fargo ATM or by bringing your card to your local Wells Fargo branch. You can also change it by using the automated customer service option when calling the phone number on the back of your card.

How can I change my PIN after SBI ATM PIN?

ATM Cash

  1. Log in to your SBI Card Online account at
  2. Go to My Account on left hand side menu.
  3. Select ‘Manage PIN’
  4. From the drop down menu, select the credit card, you want to generate the PIN for.
  5. Enter the OTP and your ATM PIN that you want to set.
  6. Click on ‘Submit’ and your PIN is generated.