How Do You Split Payment On Uber?

How it works

  • Request your ride. Tap to open the app and request a ride as you normally would.
  • Split the fare. Once requested, swipe up from the bottom of your app, tap your selected payment method, then tap Split Fare.
  • Select your friends. Enter the names or phone numbers of other riders.

How do you accept a split payment on Uber?


  1. Make sure all parties have an Uber account.
  2. Request an Uber ride.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen during a trip.
  4. Tap your payment method.
  5. Tap Split fare.
  6. Type the name or number of the person you want to split with.
  7. Add additional people.

Why can’t I accept split fare UBER?

If a fellow rider chooses not to accept split fare or doesn’t have a valid payment method, you’ll be charged for both your portion and theirs. The split fare feature is unavailable for certain vehicle options, including uberPOOL. Fares cannot be split after the trips ends and your payment method has been charged.

How do you split payment on LYFT?


  • Request a ride through your Lyft application.
  • Open the ride options menu.
  • Tap “Split Fare”, and select up to 5 friends from your contact list.
  • After they accept, the fare will be split evenly automatically.

Does Uber charge for fare split?

The Rider Fee is $2.45, $1.70 for the Safe Rides Fee and $0.75 for the Fare Split. The split fare fee is a fee that riders pay directly to Uber when splitting a fare with a friend; it is $0.25 per user.