Quick Answer: How Does Redbox Movie Rental Work?



Each item you rent from a Redbox kiosk has a minimum rental period of one day.

To incur a single daily rental charge, you must return your rental by 9:00 p.m.

the next day in the time zone where you return your rental.1 Aug 2018

How does Redbox rental work?

To rent a DVD overnight, the cost is $1.75, which includes tax. To rent a Blu-ray movie, the cost is $2, which includes tax. You are eligible to rent three different movies the first time you use a Redbox kiosk; after you’ve used it once, you can rent five different movies at a time.11 Dec 2018

How do you rent movies from Redbox?

Method 1 Using a Redbox Machine

  • Search for nearby Redbox locations online.
  • Visit your local Redbox.
  • Browse the movies in the kiosk.
  • Select the movie you want to rent.
  • Proceed to check out when ready.
  • Enter your personal information as needed.
  • When you’re done, press enter.
  • Return your DVDs by 9:00 PM the following day.

How much does it cost to rent a movie from Redbox?

Renting a game from Redbox costs more than renting a movie. A standard DVD costs $1 per day, a Blu-ray movie is $1.50 per day, and video games are $2 per day.19 Jun 2011

What if I rent Redbox after 9pm?

When you rent a movie or game just after midnight, Redbox gives you that entire day PLUS the next day to watch and return it! Therefore, you don’t have to return the rental until 9:00pm Sunday night! That means you get ALL day Saturday, plus most of Sunday – all for the price of a single days rental!

Can you rent from Redbox without a credit card?

Can you use Redbox without a credit card? yes, sort of. it can be a credit card or a debit card. they charge the first night’s rental immediately and then will continue to ding the card for every night you keep the movie (or game) until you return it or it hits the maximum rental and then you keep the disc.28 Jun 2015

Can you pay cash at Redbox?

Yes, Redbox does accept debit & prepaid cards.

How many movies can you rent from Redbox?

How many movies and video games can I rent at once? On your first visit to Redbox (or the first time you use a new payment card at Redbox), you can rent a maximum of 3 discs, 1 of which can be a video game. Customers who have rented from Redbox before can rent a maximum of 5 discs, 2 of which can be games.

Do you have to have a Redbox account to rent movies?

Yes, you’ll need to register your card and connect it to a redbox.com account before you can rent with it.

Can I rent from one Redbox and return to another?

Yes. Their convenient rent-and-return-anywhere® policy means you can return your discs to any Redbox location in the country. For quick pickup, and to make sure you get the movie or game you want, you can reserve your rentals ahead of time.14 Dec 2016

How long can you rent Redbox movies?

one day

How much is Redbox streaming per month?

Redbox Instant has three pricing tiers, at $6, $8, and $9 a month. For $6, you get access to streaming only, from a fairly limited library of content — more on that later. The $8 plan gives you unlimited streaming plus four kiosk rentals a month.6 Jan 2013

How much is Redbox per night?

Currently, Redbox prices are $1.75 a night for DVDs and $2.00 a night for Blu-rays (before tax).