How Long Do Debit Cards Last?

two to three years

How can I check if my debit card is valid?

Look first at the front of the debit card. All Visa credit and debit cards have an expiration date on the front. Check to see if the expiration date has passed. Even if the card is still connected to an open bank account, the card itself must be valid.

Do debit card numbers change when they expire?

We’ll send you your new debit card around a month before your current one expires. Your new card number will be different. So if you’ve registered your old card’s details anywhere – eg, with online shopping sites or for regular payments – you’ll need to update them.

Do Visa debit cards expire?

The Card will expire on the date on the front of the Card. However, the funds do not expire.

Can you use expired debit card?

Does a debit card have an expiration date? Yes. The expiration date can be found near the bottom of the front of the card, written as XX/XX (month and year). Generally, a card can be used through the last day of the month in which it expires.