How Much Is A Greendot Card?

The card costs $1.95.

There’s a $7.95 service fee that Green Dot waives if you load at least $1,000 each month.

How much is on my green dot card?

To get your balance, text “BAL Last4″ to 43411 (where Last4 is the last 4 digits of your card number). To check your transactions, text “HIST Last 4” to 43411 (where Last4 is the last 4 digits of your card number).

How do I avoid green dot monthly fee?

You can avoid this fee by opening your card online. Monthly Charge: $5.95. You can avoid this charge by loading at least $1,000 onto your card during each billing cycle, or by making 30 purchase transactions in each billing cycle.

How does a green dot card work?

How Does a Green Dot Card Work? Green Dot cards are prepaid debit cards that you purchase. They can be used wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted. The $9.95 will be deducted at the time you add funds to the card, along with any other applicable fees charged by the Sales Agent or place where you add funds to the card.

How do I get a new green dot card?

If your card is lost or you believe it to be stolen, call (866) 795-7597. We’ll cancel your card and a new one will be sent to you. A replacement card fee may apply.

Is there a monthly fee for green dot?

$7.95 monthly fee; waived if you load at least $1,000 a month. If your balance falls below $0, you’ll be charged up to two monthly fees. If you buy a card but don’t activate it, you’ll be charged one monthly fee after 90 days.

Why is my green dot card declining?

Card Decline

To update your address, call the number on the back of your card. The money was placed on hold to cover the cost of your purchase, but you were declined because the address you provided to the merchant does not match the address Green Dot has on file for your card.

Is Green Dot a real bank?

The Green Dot Corporation is an American financial technology and bank holding company headquartered in Pasadena, California. Green Dot also transfers individuals’ direct deposit funds (such as Social Security payments) from the US government to personal bank accounts.

Does Green Dot have free ATMs?

You can withdraw funds for free at any ATM machine within the Green Dot network.

How long does it take to get a green dot card?

How long does it take to get the green dot card through the mail. You should receive your card in about 5-10 business days after ordering it. And once the IRS accepts your tax return, your refund will be deposited directly to your card, generally within 21 days.

Can I take cash out of my green dot card?

Yes. You will select a 4 digit PIN (personal identification number) when you activate your Personalized Card. We may block ATM withdrawals in some countries due to fraud or security concerns. You may only withdraw up to $3,000 per day.

How do I put money on my green dot card?

It’s easy! Just tell the cashier you want to deposit cash to your card, then swipe your card at the register. Reload Service fee and limits apply. Find your nearest Reload@theRegister location here and nearly everywhere Green Dot cards are sold nationwide.

Can I overdraft My Green Dot card?

However, most users have nothing to worry about. The biggest prepaid debit card players say they’ve never charged overdraft fees and have no plans to start. Chase and Amex, which offer the Liquid and Bluebird products; and Green Dot, told NBC News they are not adding any overdraft protection to their cards.

How much does a green dot card cost at Walgreens?

Choose a Card

Visit Walgreens and decide whether you’d like a Visa or Mastercard prepaid card. The cost for each card is $7.95 per month, but the fee will be waived for any month you load $1,000 or more to the card. There’s no credit check to get the card, no overdraft fees and no purchase transaction fees.

Why did I get a Green Dot card in the mail?

According to police, someone had to supply your name, address and Social Security Number in order to obtain this “permanent” card, and thereby committed an identity theft. A Green Dot Card is a re-loadable debit card that can be purchased locally at places like Walmart, CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens.

Can I get a loan on my green dot card?

Anyone can access and apply for a loan. The service is not restricted to existing Green Dot customers. Approved applicants can have their loan funded in a variety of ways, including a Green Dot prepaid card or the individual’s own checking account. To learn more, visit