Quick Answer: What Do MM YY Stand For?

MM/YY is the abbreviation for Month/Year

CVV is Card Verification Value the lies behind your debit or credit card.

This is the one number that should match with your credit or debit cared number.

So do not reveal it to anyone.

MM/YY stand for Month (2 digits) and year (last two digits of year)

What does it mean by MM YY?

In short, all financial transaction cards should show the card’s expiration date in one of the following two formats: “MM / YY” or “MM-YY” — with the first being the by far most common for credit cards. This represents two digits for the month and two for the year — for example, “02 / 24”.31 Oct 2018

Where is the MM YY on a debit card?

The abbreviation MM/AA corresponds to the expiry date of the credit or debit card with which you are going to pay for your order; you will find it on the front of your card after the inscription “Valid until”. The term “MM” means the two-digit representation of the month.27 Aug 2019

What means YY?

yy – Computer Definition

Abbreviation for the two-digit storage and display of a year, as in 07.

What does Cvv stand for?

Card verification value