What Is Closed Loop Wallet?

A closed loop card is an electronic payment card that a cardholder can only use to make purchases from a single company.

Closed loop cards are an electronic payment card that can only be used with a specific payee.

Generally electronic payment cards can be either closed loop cards or open loop cards.

What is a closed wallet?

A closed wallet is a mobile wallet or an e-Wallet which is designed for making full or part payment for the services directly provided by the wallet issuer. A Closed wallet cannot be used for making payments to any third party service providers or for money transfer.

What is a closed loop payment system?

Closed loop payments allow consumers to pre-load funds into a spending account that is linked to the payment device (such as a wristband or card). Open loop payments link the customer’s payment device directly to a credit or debit card.

What is closed loop prepaid cards?

Closed loop. Closed loop is a payments industry term for a gift or credit card that can be used only in a single store or group of stores. Closed loop cards rarely have purchase fees, dormancy fees or other fees associated with the general purpose, open loop gift cards.

What is a closed loop network?

Closed Loop Network. American Express has access to unique consumer data from our Closed Loop Network, through our relationship with both the cardmember and the merchant. Closed loop with data flow from all parties.