What Is The Best Way To Pay Child Support?

Can you pay child support directly?

It isn’t always possible for a paying parent to pay child support through an IWO.

However, in most circumstances, the paying parent can make payments directly to the state disbursement agency if the custodial parent prefers to receive payments that way, instead of directly from the paying parent.

What are ways to pay child support?

Direct child support payments involve one parent paying the other parent directly on a set schedule. When payment child support directly, there are several options for payment methods: Cash: Making cash payments to your co-parent for child support sounds simple enough: hand over cash to the other parent, and it’s done.

Can my ex get out of paying child support?

If you can’t find your ex, but think he or she may have moved out of state, certain legal procedures can help you locate the parent and enforce child support payments. Can the court order my ex to pay past due support? Yes. In fact, courts are very strict about enforcing child support.

Can you use PayPal to pay child support?

This service allows you to pay your child support payments using PayPal and is a service of Value Payment Systems. All payments are debited immediately from your PayPal account.