What Is The Law On Expired Gift Cards?

There aren’t any specific laws that say how long gift vouchers or cards should last, but they must have a clear expiry date.

No matter how long your gift vouchers last, you should always check the date as soon as you get it – this is usually on the back of the voucher or card.25 Apr 2016

Can you use expired gift cards?

What are the Legalities Surrounding Expired Gift Cards? While it is certainly common for some businesses to impose certain conditions, like expiry dates, over the use of their company gift cards, it is not a legal requirement. Nor is it illegal to attach an expiry date to a gift card.29 Jan 2018

How long is a gift card valid for?

Marks and Spencer gift cards are valid for 24 months from the last time you used it or checked your balance. They can be used online and in store. Next gift card: the card expires 24 months after the last time you used it, which means spending money on it or checking your balance. It can be used in stores and online.8 Oct 2012

Why do gift cards have expiry dates?

Expiration date

Each month, the card loses a few dollars or a few percent of its value, until it becomes worthless. They’ve already got your money; it’s sitting in their bank account earning interest. The cost of keeping track of the card in their corporate database is negligible.

Can gift vouchers legally expire UK?

Gift vouchers and cards do expire eventually. But, the amount of time you have to use the gift card or voucher can vary a lot – from specific dates and seasonal months to 3 months up to 12 months, for example.

What happens if my gift card expires?

Money on a gift card cannot expire for at least five years from the date the card was purchased, or from the last date any additional money was loaded onto the card. If the expiration date listed on the card is earlier than these dates, the money can be transferred to a replacement card at no cost.

Do shops have to Honour expired gift cards?

Generally, businesses are not required to honour gift cards after the expiration date elapses.13 Apr 2018

Is there a time limit on gift cards?

The law provides that gift cards cannot expire within five years from the date they were activated and generally limits inactivity fee on gift cards except in certain circumstances, such as if there has been no transaction for at least 12 months.22 Apr 2016

Is my John Lewis Gift Card valid?

John Lewis e-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

This e-gift card will expire 24 months from purchase or last use. Making a purchase or a balance enquiry refreshes the 24-month expiry period.

Can I exchange a gift card for cash?

Sell your gift cards for cash (or, another gift card) at a gift card exchange location near you. It’s super-convenient because exchange locations are available at your local check-cashing, grocery, and department store. They’ll make you an offer right on the spot and, if you accept, you’ll get paid—instantly!

Do gift cards have an expiry date?

A business is not obliged to honour a gift card or voucher after the expiry date, unless otherwise negotiated. If the gift card or voucher does not have an expiry date (including an activation expiry date), the consumer may use it for a reasonable length of time after it was originally purchased.

Do Boots gift cards have an expiry date?

Do Boots gift cards have an expiry date? Yes. Boots gift card balances expire 24 months after last usage.

Can you get a refund on gift vouchers?


We’re happy to make refunds on unused vouchers bought direct from Buyagift within 60 days of purchase. Once you or your recipient has redeemed your voucher and booked an experience with an operator you are bound by their Terms and Conditions.

Do Marks and Spencer gift vouchers expire?

Yes, Marks & Spencer Gift Cards are valid for 24 months from the last transaction (transactions include balance enquiries). Any remaining balance will be cancelled on expiry of the validity period.