Question: Why Is American Express Card Not Accepted Everywhere?

The Real Reason Many Retailers Don’t Accept American Express

Why can’t every store accept American Express cards?

The answer is simple: stores want more money in its pockets.

American Express charges stores, or merchants, higher fees than other credit card networks like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Does anyone take American Express?

American Express may not be accepted everywhere, but there’s a reason it remains so popular among customers. For one, Amex credit cards can come with incredible rewards.

Where is American Express accepted?

American Express is accepted at 8.5 million merchant locations in the U.S. and in 160+ countries and territories abroad. Aside from the U.S., the countries where American Express is accepted most include Canada, Australia, the UK, India and Mexico. Most major retailers in the U.S. accept American Express.

Why is American Express different?

American Express charges higher swipe fees because it operates on a different business model from most credit card issuers. Most credit card issuers make the bulk of their profits from interest, but American Express relies more on fees. Most credit card companies make the bulk of their profits from interest charges.

Why does American Express charge more?

“The reason that American Express charges a higher average merchant fee than Mastercard and Visa is due to the fact that they operate on a different business model,” Outar says. Some major American Express cards are charge cards, which means cardholders pay their balance in full each month and aren’t charged interest.